“M” Positioning

The “M” positioning applies to any carrier – ring sling, pouch, wrap, mei tai & soft structured (buckle) carriers and to babies of all ages. If the carrier does not allow for this positioning, it is not a suitable carrier. Heavier babies and toddlers should be carried in this same general position on your hip or your back.

It is recommended that your baby be positioned in your carrier as follows:

~ Vertically, on your chest, with baby’s rear at or above your navel and at a kissable height.
~ Knees above rear, in a frog legged or “M” position
~ Spine rounded
~ Head turned to the side, with baby’s chin well above his chest to avoid closure of the airway
~ The fabric of the carrier should be properly tightened to support your baby in this position. Fabric should be spread from knee to knee and must not block the baby’s mouth or nose in any way.

Some manufacturer’s instructions provided with certain carriers suggest positioning that does not meet these requirements – forward facing or cradle positions specifically. It is recommend against wearing your baby in either of those positions.

Research consistently shows that when babies are held vertically, skin to skin, on a parent’s chest, their heart rate, respiratory rate & temperature are regulated. Additionally, they cry less, breastfeed more effectively, and develop quicker and more optimally.

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