Caring for your MT, RS and SSC


Washing your carriers is simple if follow a few rules. Here are some tips that make washing your carriers stress-free.
For wrap conversion Ring Slings, Mei Tais, or Wrap conversions, Half or Full Buclkles, refer to the Manufacturer care instructions that were on the tag of the wrap before conversion. If you are unsure, you can look up the blend of your wrap by name then look for the corresponding care instructions, depending on blend. A list of most manufacturers with direct links to wrap care can be found HERE. If you are unsure what the symbols on the tag means, a chart can be found HERE. To follow general washing instructions, a page on caring for your woven wraps can be found HERE.

Ring Slings-
Follow washing instructions according to fabric blend, found HERE. Wash in a laundry bag to prevent rings from catching on agitator. If drying in dryer, wrap a sock around the rings to prevent the rings from banging around in the dryer. You may also use dryer balls to soften the wrap up. Iron just like you would do a woven wrap.

Mei Tai-
Follow washing instructions according to fabric blend found HERE. Hang to air dry. Iron straps according to care instructions. Always best to inquire with converter as to what material is in the body before ironing the body.

Soft Structure Carriers (Wrap Conversion Half-Buckle and Full-Buckle)-
Follow washing instructions according to fabric blend found HERE. Extend all the webbing (the black straps). Wash in laundry bag. Hang to air dry.