Buying Carriers New vs. Used

Some people prefer to buy their wraps, ring slings, SSCs new but often that isn’t an option if the wrap or carrier is a limited release or sold out.
New carriers may be purchased directly through the manufacturer or through retailers. Benefits to buying new is that you are the first owner and you buy the carrier at retail cost. A downside to purchasing new is you often have to “break in” the wrap or carrier, meaning you have to work at getting it to a desired feel from loom state.
Used Carriers may be purchased in a variety of ways. There are Facebook groups dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of carriers. There is also a website called The Babywearer that is a great resource for B/S/T as well as filled with articles and data of carriers. There are also auction sites such as Ebay or Spots Corner where you can sometimes get a carrier at a good deal. You may also be able to find carriers on your local Craigslist page or local babywearing group if you have one. Benefits to buying used is that the carrier is often broken in so is soft and floppy. Often you can get the carrier for a bargain or less than retail. Negatives to buying used is that you sometimes have to pay a high market value to obtain a used limited edition carrier, depending on highly sought after that particular carrier is. Another negative could be the condition of the carrier if purchasing used.

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