Where to Buy Used

The following are Facebook groups where used carriers can be bought, sold and traded. They are closed groups so you will need to join. Most brands have a chatter group page. If you don’t find it here you can search for it in the FB bar usually by typing brand name and you will see all the groups with that brand in it’s name. Happy B/S/Ting!

Artipoppe Slings
Babywearing B/S/T
Babywearing FSOT
Babywearing on a Budget
Cari Slings Chatter
Didymos Love & Appreciation
Girasol Budget Group
Girasol Love #alltherainbows
High End Babywearing
Keep the Fluff in Canada
Kinderpack Chatter and B/S/T
Kinderpack Swap
Loom to Wrap
Natibaby FSOT
Natibaby Love
Obimama B/S/T
Pre-loved Ocah Carriers for sale or trade.
Oscha Slings
Talk about Tekhni
The Babywearing Swap
The Pavo Society
Tula Carriers Buy/Sell/Trade
Tula Love
Wool Woven Wrap Lovers

Here are some websites where you can buy used carriers.
Spots Corner
The Babywearer

UK B/S/T Forum
Natural Mamas

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