Online Babywearing Communities

The following are Facebook communities that are great resources for all things babywearing. The groups are typically closed groups for your privacy. Request to join and meet lots of like minded babywearers!

Babywearing Dads
Babywearers of Color
Babywearing 102
Babywearing Advice
Babywearing DIY Advice and Support
Babywearing for the Plus-Sized Mama
Babywearing Love and Support
Everyday Babywearing
Peace, Love, Babywearing
Tandem Babywearing

The Babywearer is a community that has a lot of detailed information on carriers, brands, etc. This website is a wonderful resource for the babywearing community.
The Babywearer

Natural Mamas is a UK forum similar to The Babywearer. It is a wonderful resource for global babywearing.
Natural Mamas

Babywearing International is also a great resource to find local babywearing groups near you. Visit their page to see if there is a BWI chapter in your area.
Babywearing International

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