Guide to Abbreviations and Terms


This is a reference guide to help you with the numerous abbreviations and terms you will come across while watching tutorials or buying wraps on the swap.

Action Shot-Photo of you wearing carrier
B/S/T-Buy, Sell, Trade
BNIB-Brand New In Box
BNIP-Brand New In Packaging
CCCB-Candy Cane Chest Belt
CISO-Casually In Search Of
DD-Dear Daughter
DH-Dear Husband
DH-Double Hammock
DISO-Desperately In Search Of
DS-Dear Son
ETF-Easy To Find
EUC-Excellent Used Condidtion
FB-Full Buckle
FFS-Free For Shipping
Flat Shot-Photo of flat view of item
FSO-For Sale Only
FSOT-For Sale or Trade
FTO-For Trade Only
GPSM-Grams Per Square Meter-used to determine weight of the wrap
GUC-Good Used Condition
HB-Half Buckle. Most common in Wrap Conversions where waist is buckle and straps are Mei Tai or wrap straps
HE-High End
HSA-Highly Sought After
IHA-I Have Available
IRL-In Real Life
ISO-In Search Of
ITW-In The Works
LE-Limited Edition
Legacy-Wrap that you plan on keeping for your child when he/she has children
MM-Middle Marker. Tag that is placed at the center of the wrap
MMAO-Make Me An Offer
MMARO-Make Me A Reasonable Offer
MT-Mei Tai
MV-Market Value
Newb-person who is new to babywearing
OBO-Or Best Offer
OH-Other Half
OOAK-One Of A Kind
OTW-On The Way
Perma-Permastash. Usually means wrap is not leaving your stash
PM-Private Message
PP-Pay Pal
PPD-Postage Paid Domestic (fees and postage are included in sale price when buying used)
Rail-The top and bottom of your wrap that runs horizontally. Can be hemmed or unhemmed
RHB-Reverse Half Buckle
RRRR-Rear Reinforced Rebozo Ruck
RS-Ring Sling
RUB-Ruck Under Bum
RV-Retail Value
Shorty-Short wrap usually size 2 or 3
SO-Significant Other
SS-Stash Shot or Screen Shot
SSC-Soft Structure Carrier or carrier with buckles. Ex. Ergo, Tula, Beco
STIH-Short Tape In Hand-Often accompanies a measurement of a wrap
Swap– Facebook group where you can buy used carriers
Tail-The ends of your wrap. Can be tapered or blunt. You can often find the care tags located there
TAS-Tied At Shoulder
TBW-The Babywearer
TC-Table Cloth. Can be used as a woven wrap
TCMT-Table Cloth Mei Tai
TT-Temporary Trade
TT-Tied Tibetian
TUB-Tied Under Bum
TV-Trade Value
VGUC-Very Good Used Condition
WCMT-Wrap Conversion Mei Tai
WCRS-Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

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